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  - Documentation
The documentation files are still a work in progress. These files will include how-to's for installing the package with Sendmail, QMail or standalone. There will be various tips/tricks etc that any user can send in, and also a better commented source version. ( I don't comment well on code, I read it as it is, and understand better if I just look at the code ).

  - Documentation -> Ruft drafts/notes
These are various notes that where created during the initial development of the program. I am putting them on here UN-EDITED. There are certainly typos, ignorant assumtions and little doodles (at least in my notebook there are ;)). The only thing that these files are good for is to see what was done to research the development of this program.
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  - Documentation -> HOW-TO/README files
These files will allways be the most recent versions of any HOW-TO's and README files (or any other all cap deserving filename that is distributed with the package). These files will allways reflect the most current release of the package, so if you are not willing to upgrade to it, then don't be sure that these methods will work on older versions.

  - Documentation -> Tips/Tricks/Submitted "Patches"
This package is not guaranteed to do everything right out of the box (err.. tgzip file)...some functionality will require tweaking, and well, I have no time to do that myself. If anyone has interesting tweaks to work on certain platforms, mail daemons or just anything else weird, you can e-mail them to me and I will post them on here.
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