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  - Introduction
EmailBlast is a mass mail tool for the linux console. With the use of Curses, the tool is easy to use and can be trained to any end user. EmailBlast offers mass mailing of HTML based e-mails to large lists of e-mail addresses, which get checked for errors (according to possible e-mail address formats) and removes duplicates. During the sending process, a visual progress bar will indicate the current status of the mailing.


The script is currently fully functional and can be used out of the box for HTML only mass e-mailing. The code of the script needs a major overhaul and certain features MUST be added (eg. Plain/HTML mailing at the same time is a must, and an improved mailing method). Other future plans are to be able to retrieve lists of e-mail address from various types of documents or databases, for ease of use and higher compatibility with other programs. Currently EmailBlast reads e-mails from a flat text file with one e-mail per line.


This site is hosted on Sourceforge is a valuable resource to any Open Source developer, wanting to get his project out. If it had not been for them, then this project may not be available to the general community. For any and all interests in the open source community, I recommend looking into their home page at